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About History Revealed

Conducting additional research at the Fairfax County Historic Records Center.

History Revealed, Inc. is an independent, 501(c)(3) non-profit, historical research organization.

We focus on learning more about lesser-known individuals and groups of people from the past with a particular emphasis on individuals and communities whose stories were not historically told. Using historic documents, artifacts, buildings, and the landscape, we connect the dots of information in search of the larger story of these individuals and groups.

Because accessibility of our research is important to us, we engage in crowdsourcing to aid us and the public in making research discoveries. We create digital presentations and publications that showcase not only the data but also provide historical context and connections.

We actively seek partnerships with universities, museums, and other historical organizations to exchange ideas, suggest solutions, and implement strategies to further advance the understanding of historically forgotten individuals and communities relating to the American experience.